In this Researcher-Alumni-Conference 2019 held by RWTH Aachen University, the alumni experts form academia and industry will exchange their opinions and discuss with us about the latest technology and the developing tendency of renewable energy and e-mobility industry, and the current German-Chinese cooperation in this area.

In recent decades, the cooperation between Germany and China in research, education and innovation has been continuously deepened and fostered. In order to consolidate this successful collaborative relationship, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has officially published the “China-Strategie” in 2015 to further promote the bilateral scientific and technical collaboration. Within this framework, the project “JRL-Alumni” plans to build up a network of German and Chinese alumni as a sustainable platform for the access to application-orientated research topics and for the acquisition of public and industrial funded projects.

Purpose of JRL-Alumni project:

  • Foster the German-Chinese scientific research collaboration
  • Facilitate mutual-interested projects in terms of win-win situation
  • Connect the academia and industry both in Germany and China
  • Establish a long-term Sino-German cooperation platformThe JRL-Alumni project is also a part of the Sino-German Alumni Expert Network (in German: Deutsch-Chinesische Alumnifachnetzwerke – DCHAN), which brings together experts from the field of academia, research, politics and industry in Germany and China, in order to jointly tackle mutual challenges in research and Innovation.

As two largest export champions, China and Germany are making a very public display of leadership on climate protection and transition to green energy. The export heavyweights are eager to keep the global economy on track towards a transition to renewable energies – both to drive international climate action and to promote the powerful renewables industries. In the automobile industry, the cooperation between both countries in the area of electro-mobility has been accelerated in recent years. The targeted cooperation is to create an enabling technical and strategic environment for the successful development of electro-mobility technology to help solve climate, environmental and transport problems.

Agenda (for further details see download below)
DAY1: Monday, 08.July 2019
Topic: Renewable Energy

DAY2: Tuesday, 09. July 2019
Topic: E-Mobility

Registration and further information:
Mr. Dr. Jizu Zhang
RWTH Aachen University
Chair for Laser Technology
Telephone: +49 241 8906-416

Informationen zur Veranstaltung

8. Juli 2019, 09:00 Uhr bis 9. Juli 2019, 17:00 Uhr

RWTH Aachen University
Veranstalter: JRL-Alumni Fachnetz, RWTH Aachen